VidiaSofdt Registration Fees

Our pricing of in-house (on-site) training courses was standardized around a single daily charge for a group of up to 9 delegates, with an additional per head per day charge for extra delegates up to our recommended maximum class size of 15(see note below). The basic daily charge for up to 9 delegates now varies from course to course, and the charge for additional delegates varies in proportion to it. Varied rates are undoubtedly less administratively convenient to us and our clients, but we feel that they are preferable to the inequity of having some customers pay well over the odds to subsidies high cost courses for others.

The prices for software courses
Training CoursesDurationCourse Fee
Object Oriented Analysis and Design with UM Introductory3 days1750 EURO
Object Oriented Analysis and Design with UML Intermediate3 days1750 EURO
Object Oriented Analysis and Design with UML Advanced3 days1750 EURO
Business Modeling with UML3 days1750 EURO
Java Programming Introductory4 days1750 EURO
Java Programming Advanced3 days1750 EURO
C Programming Introductory3 days1250 EURO
C Programming Advanced3 days1500 EURO
C++ Programming Introductory4 days2000 EURO
C++ Programming for C programmers3 days1500 EURO
C++ Programming Advanced3 days1750 EURO
C++ Generic Programming (Templates, STL)3 days1750 EURO

The price specified above are (VAT included) for the first two delegates. For more than three delegates we offer the following rates

where "Course Fee" is specified in the table of prices per course.

Training courses for individuals

Do you need a program that targets specific skills ? VidiaSoft offers training courses for individuals, that allow you to design customized curriculum's in designated skill programming areas. In today’s diverse workplace, employee training must achieve specific results. Whether your organization is looking for skill-building, career development, or simply individual self-improvement, VidiaSoft programming courses allow you to tailor the training to meet both individual and corporate objectives. The fee for individual courses will be based on the adjustments, that we have to do, in order to deliver a training course designated to your needs. IN general the fee is based on the main training courses fees.

For precise details of our in-house training prices contact us at VidiaSoft e-mail: Our in-house training charges cover tuition, a full set of course notes and a reference text (where appropriate) per delegate. Additional rechargeable costs are the tutor's travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses. Tutors' expenses are normally re-billed at cost. We encourage the purchaser to arrange for the tutor's local accommodation since this usually results in a lower overall recharge. Where necessary we will provide a fixed-rate expenses quote by negotiation.

For off-site training courses the prices mentioned in table will be charged. Also, special deals can be arranged.