About us

VidiaSoft delivers expert, hands-on training seminars in C++, Java, C, Object Oriented and UML related topics directly to your site. VidiaSoft was formed as the result of nearly, twenty years of teaching programming languages and working on the commercial applications of information technology in its various forms.

Our trainers approach each student based on his/her educational/professional background, adjusting the courses such that each student can get the best support and knowledge transfer from our trainers.

Unique Feature

At VidiaSoft our training philosophy is not only to focus on a few specific are of programming language technology, but also to up-to-date course ware covering proven, stable core technology, including language features destined for ISO/ANSI language standards. Our trainers are not only experimental and passionate educators, but also industrial professionals, with a lot practical experience from IT field.

IT training Course Description

VidiaSoft offers regular schedule open enrollment software courses: